Holiday Gift Guide - Top Ten Products on Koigu Canada

Posted by Kersti Landra on

Looking for a gift for the maker in your life, these are the top ten products available on our site that they'll love.


OR shop for yourself, treat yourself to the end of 2020. 


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1.  Corriedale + Gotland

A gift for the natural maker...

The Koigu Origins line of yarns is great for the maker looking to expand their natural yarn lines. Corriedale + Gotland, is our grey dk weight, with the base akin to its name. This yarn is stunning made up in a sweater or hat, like the Koigu Sheep Hat.

2.  Soak Hand Sanitizer 

A gift for the maker who needs to disinfect this year...

Tis' the season for Hand Sanitizer. Why not gift the best Hand Sanitizer from our favourite wool wash company. It come in two sizes, small (3oz) and large (8.4oz)


3.  Hefty Hank

A gift for the creative maker... 

The Koigu Hefty Hank is a fun OAK yarn, which can't be purchased anywhere else. The hank is 1000yds of Koigu Merino Fingering, with one being the perfect size for your favourite shawl pattern. 


4.  Makers Portfolio

A gift for the maker that needs to organize...

The Makers Portfolio is amazing to sort through your needles, constructed to hold 20-50 circular needles. We have four colours available, find the perfect one, and clear your mess. 


5.  Complete Your Pattern Collection


A gift for the person looking to expand their library...

Check out our bundled pattern collections. Look into getting Magazine 1-5, 6-10 or 1-10. With at least 25 patterns per magazine this present greatly expands your pattern library. We also have Wrapped in Color and our Koigu Collection 1.0 listed.

6.  Koigu Origins Sweatshirt 

A gift for the sheep lover...

The Koigu Origins sweatshirt is one of a few products in clothing on the site. This cozy sweater is great for the non maker in your life. Check out the Koigu Pencil Box t-shirts  

7.  Masham Yarn

A gift for the one who loves texture... 

Koigu Origins Masham yarn is an all natural wool yarn, that's great for a quick knit. 

8.  Maker Trunk

A gift for the traveller... 

This trunk is great for bringing your projects on the go. Great for your maker friend who wants to stay organized, while also look stylish. 

9.  OAK 999's 

A gift for the artist...

Each 999 is OAK and not repeatable. Be sure to pick up enough for your project, as when you run out of yarn, there might not be any left. 

10.  Vill 

A gift for the cozy maker...

Vill pattern book is the perfect gift for someone looking for patterns for quick knits and cozy projects. All the patterns are designed in Koigu Chelsea and Othello.